untitled # 601

if anyone knows my name
when my days are done
I hope it is you,
you’re the one that means
the most to me

when my time comes
let me put my hand in yours
let me put my head on your chest
and let me hear your strong heartbeat
as I take my last breath
and sigh your name one last time

… glb

empty silences

Let us fill the empty silences
With words of hope and wonder
With wishes for peace and laughter
With words of learning and wisdom
With deeds of hand-holding and kissing
With words of truth and trust
With feelings of empathy and gratitude
With promises of devotion and love
If we can put forth these things
We can make our way in this world


I Am Smiling

I am smiling
I am thinking of you
Your smile
Your laugh
The gleam in your eyes
When you look at me
That way

I am smiling
I am thinking of kissing you
Of holding your hand
Hugging you
And being hugged back

I am smiling
I am thinking of your shower cap
Water running down your face

I am smiling
I am imagining
You holding Sadie “against her will”
Prudence on her pillow

I am smiling
Because all these things
Are precious to me
And I love them all