some words for me

i know it’s hard, your demons make it worse
i know you don’t want to get out of bed each morning
i know you just want to crawl back in if you get the chance
i know it hurts in your bones, in your soul
i know your heart hurts most of all…

i also know that, in a while, it won’t be as hard
if you keep that going, you’ll look forward to the day ahead and the bed won’t be as enticing
in a little while the hurt will just be a shadow,
your heart will heal more every time you are victorious over your demons
your thoughts will shift
your mind will crave less

it won’t ever go away, but
it won’t control you
it won’t be as hard

… glb

for everything

for everything
for everything seen and heard
for everything inside your head
for years on end
for pain, fright, delusions, and
bright shining pathways
for wanting to quit
for getting up one more time
no matter how many times that is
you can do it
you will
for you
for everything you are
you will


The Same Way

It’s the same way
Most of the time
Then I’m not
And I can’t find
The spots to make it
The same way again

Constancy keeps me
In the moment,
Then it doesn’t

When it happens
Everything I touch
Is in question
Right or wrong
Caring or indifferent
This is the way
My cookie crumbles

Time and solitude
May be the only antidote



When the copper stops buzzing in your brain
And the sweat pours down your neck
I will be there to hold you when the spasm begins

The application of pain is the antidote
70 times now…
It’s hard to tell where the victory lies
The strange attractors have done their damage

Tolerance raises the bar for the next
A number drawn at a random tells you how long,
How deep you’ll have to reach to survive

Down deep enveloped in gloom
Cast by the only bulb in the cavernous hall
You prepare to put on your show,
Daring to expose all in attendance
As patrons of the darkest art of all

You mime kindness
Whisper intimacy
Talk of hope
Shriek out love

The cacophony deafens
Voices drawn tight
Refusing to admit
That the one thing they have in common…
Is the hardest thing
To achieve