there’s a moment
there’s a hue
there’s a shadow
there’s a bright
too bright
to observe, directly

in that moment
fleeting feelings
wraiths of blue
scatterings of yellow
drops of laughter
rivers of lust

that moment remains,
i shudder when i try
recognition slips away
arms empty

i kneel in my own
asking only for a sign,
finding vacancy
after vacancy
moment fleeting

for the longest
my heart hurts
like my head,
wrapped in velvet
ripping and comforting
all at once

a moment will bring
like i imagine
having been lost
to so many
silent blows

for a moment
the parking lot
for a car
it’s all so much
background noise
spinning me
to the ground
interring me

ending that moment

unprepared for the next

glb /// “moment”
originally published 12/27/2017

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