i am in love with a beautiful, complicated woman. knowing her is to know truth and compassion. she is fast friends to the world. her laugh launches a thousand smiles. she will go to the ends of the world for you long as you go with her. her love of beautiful things is equal to her love of beautiful places. don’t get between her and chocolate or her favorite rosé. vegas is always a good idea. kittens rule the house. eat whatever she cooks for you, it’s always delicious. she is loyal where loyalty is warranted. she is the kindest soul in a crazy world. spend some time with her and you will love her too.

… glb

you are

you are in my periphery
you are my focus
you are always where i look
you are inside my eye lid
… wrapped around my optic nerve
you are everywhere, evident in everything
you are just below the horizon, and when you rise
… sparks scream across the morning sky
you are the perfect ending to the perfect love story
you are the dark spaces between the stars
you are also the stars
you are sriracha on my tongue
you quench my thirst like the coldest water
you make my mouth burn, with that over the shoulder glance
you are insomnia with the best best dreams
you are original
you are my heart
you are a steady beat
you are the dirtiest guitar solo
you are the gulp of air going off the high dive
you are the plunge
you are slow motion at a break neck pace
you are temptation quenched
you are home
you are in our bed
you are in my arms
you take me to places i never imagined
you are answers to riddles
you are a Bon Jovi concert every night for the rest of my life
you are front row seats

you are
so i am

… glb

before my eyes

i set up the easel and canvas,
put the palette out just so,
the brush picks up the purple,
with a slash, your soul takes form,
some red accompaniment, a soft soft heart,
white flashes of truth, a streak of
adventurous yellow, a dab of
loving pink and you are coming to life
before my eyes

… glb

dancing across

dancing through the night,
across my mind
a vision in shimmering black
the dream pulls me further
and follows you across
the dooryard and into
the sleeping house
where you materialize,

i stop short, in a panic
unsure how to react to
the reality of you
i reach for your hand,
craving your touch,
you raise it to
caress my cheek,
i sigh and you are gone again

… glb

some words for me

i know it’s hard, your demons make it worse
i know you don’t want to get out of bed each morning
i know you just want to crawl back in if you get the chance
i know it hurts in your bones, in your soul
i know your heart hurts most of all…

i also know that, in a while, it won’t be as hard
if you keep that going, you’ll look forward to the day ahead and the bed won’t be as enticing
in a little while the hurt will just be a shadow,
your heart will heal more every time you are victorious over your demons
your thoughts will shift
your mind will crave less

it won’t ever go away, but
it won’t control you
it won’t be as hard

… glb

yosemite 001

clouds cloak the valley floor
before daybreak, they
cannot conceal the stone
giants rising above

the sun,
that fiery orb,
rises to spill its golden glow
on the granite behemoths
the clouds appear as fire
at their feet

soon the valley is clear
the rock walls are completely
revealed and beckon you
to visit the cool streams and fields
blooming with wildflowers

a visit and you will fall
in love, you will go back
again and again to
continue your affair
with the beauty and
the grandeur


words and music

in my absence I have surrounded myself with books and music. living from devouring lyrics and pages. laying still while the words and notes wash over me. I have gone exploring in the darkest corners of my being, discovering truths and lies that have passed my lips. cloaking myself with stories and songs I creep from the corner of the dusky room. making my way to the front porch, I sit on the top step and watch as the sky clings to the sunset then silently releases its grip. shaking off my cover, I descend the steps into the dooryard then slide out the front gate. in these first few minutes of night, everything is still, there is a tension in the air as if the world was going to erupt at the slightest provocation. slipping unseen around the corner I start humming a tune of my own making. weaving an impossible story, the melody rises and falls with thunder and fire and I am suddenly aglow as the night comes to life. continuing my song, I sneak up on the dunes that protect my beach. pulling off my shirt and shoes I make a b-line for the surf. the water is warm and inviting. diving through the breakers in the dark, the only sound is white noise and my faint beat in the background. past the waves I flip over on my back and tread water. away from the lights, the sky is dazzling, it takes my breath away. I reach up and take a scoop of the milky way. slurping some out of my hand, I spread the rest over my face and head. as soon as it touches the water, the whole ocean is glowing and I can’t tell the sea from the sky. I hear a different sound, the largest symphony orchestra is tuning up for something amazing and Leonard Cohen is reciting “Amen” beside me. this is starting to become more than I bargained for. as mr Cohen finishes the last stanza I head for the beach. exhausted, throwing myself onto the sand, I turn towards the ocean to see the sun rising and the first of the pelicans skirting the low waves. heading back to the house, i take up my song again, not quite sure how to finish it. entering the house, i have a brief moment of doubt. was any of this real? i smile to myself as i look back at the foyer seeing all the water and sand on the wood floor. I start the shower going, while it warms up I turn up the volume on radio and start singing at the top of my voice. the words wash through me, I am on my way back. words and music anchoring my soul, giving me some stability in an unstable world.