When the copper stops buzzing in your brain
And the sweat pours down your neck
I will be there to hold you when the spasm begins

The application of pain is the antidote
70 times now…
It’s hard to tell where the victory lies
The strange attractors have done their damage

Tolerance raises the bar for the next
A number drawn at a random tells you how long,
How deep you’ll have to reach to survive

Down deep enveloped in gloom
Cast by the only bulb in the cavernous hall
You prepare to put on your show,
Daring to expose all in attendance
As patrons of the darkest art of all

You mime kindness
Whisper intimacy
Talk of hope
Shriek out love

The cacophony deafens
Voices drawn tight
Refusing to admit
That the one thing they have in common…
Is the hardest thing
To achieve



promises pop on the wire
pouring their essence on the ground
saying things louder by their demise
than could ever have been
said on the page

say them, speak them,
warm them on your tongue
make them ready to see life

promises pop at first blush
holding themselves in the kiss,
which slowly slides apart,
releasing their essence into the air

grab them, swing for them
give every last effort
to snatch them from the air
and hold them to your heart

try, always try, to hold them
to their truth

hold them
hold them
hold them…

they bleed
and destroy


My Grief

I give it my grief
and it turns it into a blazing conflagration
turns it into flowing tears at the mouth of the river of life
turns it into the softest lover’s kiss
turns it into terrible things
turns it into sobbing cries for mercy
turns it into naive questions
turns it into shocking answers
takes our beating hearts
surrenders them
and the poets stop writing…


I Weep

I weep
when I get the chance
when it is proper
when it is true

I weep
when I need you
when you aren’t here
when I picture your smile

I weep
at the drop of a hat
when it doesn’t seem warranted
when I am happy

I weep
when I experience vicariously
when I am wrong
when I am right

I weep
because I am human
because I feel
for the sake of weeping

I weep
because I know the ending
because I am in pain
because there is no antidote

I weep
at personal triumphs
at goodbyes
at the first sign of kismet

I weep
when I am trapped
when I don’t understand
when I see the forest

I weep
when I’m on the right track
when I am frustrated
when I can’t keep my eye on the ball

I weep
when I examine my life
when I feel broken
when I can’t see the next step

I weep
on St. Patrick’s Day
when I have let you down
because I miss you

I weep
Because I am at home
Because you are too
Because 3172 miles

I weep
When I open a box of your things
When they still smell like you
Because I can’t put you away

I weep
Because that song is stuck in my head
Because I don’t want it to stop
Because it stopped



There is no place to begin
He has been there
At all of my beginnings
Too many to list
Though, all of them have meant my life
To me
A firm place to push off from
A gentle place to land
When I hover or falter
Then fall,
A constant continual
Voice of encouragement
Helping me brush myself off
And try again
Through everything he has been there
My constant companion
Pushing me to be
My best
Not for him
For me