How can I fix you?

she puts her arms
all the way
around me
shaking from the sobbing
we stand there
in the silent hallway

whispering into my chest,
“how can I fix you?”
“how can I bring you back?”
even then she knew something was gone

(can anyone have ever cried so hard
about something no one knows anything ABOUT?)

whispering into the top of her head,
“I can’t tell from in here”
tapping my chest
tapping my head
“I’ll need to rely on you”
tapping her head
tapping her chest
“and any others you care to bring on”



I am
completely spread out
in this tiny circle
pushing aside
these accouterments
of a life spent…

only to pull more out,
that is how I manage
to feel empty,
filling shelves
and boxes
with things that are
worth anything
only to me

this all exists in trillions
upon trillions
of instances,
not a single one
getting it just right

I just chose the one
closest to my truth,
wondering aimlessly
trying to match
the within
to the


When I Wasn’t Looking

Brought to me when I wasn’t looking
I caught you out of the corner of my eye
You were glancing away and spinning
Spending way too long in the back of my mind


Come back around
So you can see the joy on my face
So you can take these two tracks
….listening to your mind’s content

Come back around
So I can talk to you some more
So I can get to know that girl, I knew, again

Brought to me when I wasn’t looking
Found before I knew what was happening
I’m not a betting man
But, I dove right in with all my heart