Use your voice
Use your words
Go everywhere
You ever want to go

Take me there
Show me what
I have been missing
Through the strains
Of your prose

Use your rock
Use your soul
Create a new universe
Don’t be afraid to go

Pull me into you
Show me the heartbeat
Of your sun
Let me feel
Your dark attraction
Fill my skies with
Sparks and stars

Make me yours
And I will be
Without question


Worst Words

The worst words
Written in despicable strokes
Popping the top off of
Every daisy
Crunch of bottles raw
Against the gravel driveway
Nothing can be unsaid
When uttered in that way
The time for forgiveness
Is gone
It will never see another day


Go ’round

It will never combine
No words
No volume
No faint whiff of perfume
You may catch hold
Of each one separately
But this world may even
Be too old for that
Try for the words
Try for the perfume
Those two together
Can make the world
Go ’round