Blue – Green – Yellow – Red

Blue – Green – Yellow – Red
The pill on my tongue
Chalky and bitter
Stuck in my throat
Chased down with
A warm swig of beer
Waiting for peace
To overcome me
To enfold me
To peel back
The top of my head
And say
“This is where the pain is”
Blue – Green – Yellow – Red
All the wholes converge
There are sounds in my silence
Stealing the last vestige I had
The place where I knew you
The place where I felt safe inside me
Lament not for my
Past suffering,
It is not yours
Or of your doing,
Lay back with me
On the dew drenched grass
We will watch the universe breathe
Blue – Green – Yellow-  Red
Colors dance inside you
Exotic combinations
At your lips
Leave a trail many many
Years long
Speaking of enduring love
In rainbows that never end
Blue – Green – Yellow – Red

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