Sunrise Sunset 

My personal redux…

Finding myself on the precipice of a new and exciting stage of my life, I would tend to want to look back. It’s all too common for us as a species to go over and over and over again, things that cannot be changed. Things that may have made or ruined our lives hold sway over how we live them now as well as how we’re going to live them in the future. Of course, we should learn from the past, and by all means, repeat it if it was any good. The other side of that coin is all the bad stuff that has accumulated and is running around your being like Pigpen. We carry around the ability to dump all that garbage and even if we can’t start anew, we can at least throw off some of the  junk that’s holding us down.

One way or another, I aim to do just that. This blog has been a number of things for me. First and foremost it has been cathartic, and for a while it was a running dialog between my brain and the rest of my world. In that time, some very painful things were brought to the surface. Over the past year I have, for the most part, found other outlets. I have been writing, I just haven’t been writing for this blog.

My aim now, is to continue this blog, not starting where I left off but resuming the conversation I’ve been having with myself, from a different perspective. 

For the largest portion of my life I have lived where the sun rises over the ocean and you had to get up early to really appreciate it.

I’m going to a place where the sun sets over the ocean. I think that is better timing for me. 

I’m excited about everything,  I’d be crazy if I wasn’t. 


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