Walk Away?

The dream of you comes
Raging at me in the middle
Of the night
I wake with a start
When I realize that
You Are Not Here

Are you still for me
What did I give up
When I so carelessly
Walked away from you
For the sake of my vanity

Driving home alone
I sing songs
That remind me of you
As loud as I can
Songs that we never knew

Those words are just wishes
For something we could have had
Every one an apology
For something
I can no longer control

So when I lean in
To kiss you and
Pull back with an empty sigh
My thirst for you
Goes unquenched
And all I am left with
Is a question
With no answer

Why did I let myself
Walk away?


Edith Mae Lee

For my grandma who recently passed away at the age of 99.


Dry your eyes,
Put your sorrows away,
Let her fill your heart
With warmth and love

When you look at her life
There is no way to
Measure worth

You could try to count
All the lives she touched
But that would be impossible,
One plus one plus one
Goes on and on and on

Listen to the intentions
Her heart and deeds held,
“Do as much for others
As possible”

Let her fill your heart
With warmth and love,

Hold it and keep it,
Make it part of everything
Your memories are of her

Let her fill your heart
With warmth and love