Untitled #512

I carry a lot around
with me
more than I need to
a hell of a lot
more than I should

I want it all to be
right at the surface
where it can be accessed
without any
rummaging around
without the chance of
missing the moment

constantly ready for
something to happen
it rarely does
I carry my load around
with me
the weight of it
pulling me down
dulling my senses

until I could no more
jump at a chance
than I could
win a marathon

I sit and I
look at where I am
and I simply ask


red mist and ether

But the thing is…

I awoke from a conversation
I was having with myself
With no idea where it started
With no idea where it was going

A harsh tone of feeling
Breaks through
A coughing laugh
That came from somewhere
Back and to the left

I could not see where
You had come from
I just knew
I should be there
Either in your presence
Or your absence

Knowing you will be back
Knowing I will see you soon

A jerking journey
Through red mist and ether
Moistens my flesh
It will be dry by morning

Where I will wake with a start
Throat and face bone dry
And my greatest trip
Begins again
Breaking up a conversation
I was having with myself