more! more! more!

ice blue roses bloom,
unnaturally hued,
in your presence

I cannot help
but fall to
my knees

to worship,
how nature
goes awry
when you
are near

green and hard
my heart
devolves, envious
and longing
to be the one
and only

breaking my fist
on the ceiling
of my longing,
there is
nothing to do
with my shattered
fingers now,
except mark
my tears as
a response
to the pain in
my hand
and not the one
in my poor,
poor soul

I cringe and
shudder when
you pull the
blinds on the
only world I know,
now I only see
you in shadow

when the sun
finally rises to
fill the void you
have left for me,
I find myself
unable to call out
to you, muted,
my voice echoes
through the……

more! more! more!
is all I ask of you,
help me keep up
my end of
the promise to
love you, even
though you cannot
seem to find a way
to keep yours


Untitled #511

my hands cupping
your tear drenched face,
you will not let loose
of the bright blue balloon
filled with platitudes,
you have always been
the bearer of passion,
and hate,
cruel daylight
the mirror opposite
of mesmerizing night

shock resonating through
my head when I learn
I am never going to
see you again,
deep sorrow exploding
through my heart
because I know why,
I know your excuse
is me