Promises Broken

Promises broken
Shattered and torn

I look at them now
Trying to keep from
Bleeding all over
My inadequate pasts

Push the button
Pull the lever
Scratch at the door
Hope for the things
That you were to me

Bringing you back
Means I make
An arrangement…
An agreement…
Words from my mouth
Truths in my eyes

Head nods in
Silent songs of agreement
Are the only answer
I need from you

— GB

we are not ashes

we are still here
we are still moving
in some direction

there are things we
need to do
even though something
is in our way

we are hopeful
that our ambitions
will not be stunted
by the hands of
someone who
does not understand

close the doors
shut the light
we will go out for the night
we will show everyone
(and ourselves)
that we can get through
everything and

it does not matter
what form it takes
we are not ashes

— GB

my own truth

if I could only saw apart
this dream I have of you
I would be able to get at
the gooey sweet and sour
center that might explain
what happened to us

it cannot ever be taken back
it only hangs on in fragments
as I move forward
I never remember
the whole story
all at the same time

where is the secret
super-glue that can bind
my mind to the reality
that it will not see

the pieces of my past
are hurled at me,
I dodge and weave
wanting to know everything
but only accepting my own truth

— GB