Post #999 and Then I’m Outa Here

This is post #999.

I am heading out of town for a few weeks.  Internet access will be catch-as-catch-can.  So, there may or may not be posts to “Going Sideways” during that time.  As such, I might not be making post 1,000 until some time after I get back.  I hope everyone is having a wonderful start to their summer.


tear me apart

tear me apart
with your well wishes
this isn’t the game
we were meant to play

build your walls higher
and I will still try to scale them
I wasn’t always there
and you were absent too
my effort to repair that fault
should at least be a token
of my intent to bridge
the chasm we are divided by

I have made every effort
that I am capable of
being shut out is nothing
I ever bargained for
if what I am is not good
enough for you and your family
I guess that is something
I am not a part of anymore

that just makes me sad

— GB

my attention

it’s how the breeze blows
through the leaves that
makes the sunlight shift
back and forth
in and out
that’s how my attention
is caught
not just the cool wind
on my arm
or the warm sun
on my face
it’s love in the afternoon
when you’ve just gotten
home from a long trip
that’s how my attention
not just the grinding
and the sweetness
it’s the relief of being
with someone you love
and sitting close so
you’re breathing the
same air
that’s how you know
that you have my

— GB

the death and rebirth of the universe

I was laying on the beach,
watching the stars
implode and shatter,
then fall from the sky

it was pitch black
the only thing left
were tears and curses

why must my loss
mean the fall of
so many worlds

then I was running,
toward the pier,
as fast as the sand
would allow me to go

I found you at the end,
past the wheel and coaster,
standing on the second rail
knees against the top

climbing up next to you,
I pulled you to the top rail,
kissed you quick,
then we both jumped

down and down
into the cool, refreshing
water, such a relief
after what we had seen

we floated for a while,
then swam to the shore
where we stumbled
onto the sand

as we leaned into each other
trying to find a way to
get warm, something caught
the corner of my eye

a light little twinkle
in the center of the
dark sky, followed by
another, then another,
then some more

they were all coming
back, it all happened
because your hand
was in mine and you
were making me happy

— GB