untitled #502

do you speak the same truth
that I am hoping to hear,
I am looking for something,
all the words are going in
the wrong direction,
swooping and diving
around my head,
painting pictures of things
that do not look palatable,
leaving a dirty taste
on my outstretched tongue,
trying to catch snowflakes
floating from the wrong heart

— GB

a word

a word
came and sat on my tongue
for an hour

more words came
and then more and more

they started to
pile up
slip down my throat

so I spat them out
onto a piece of paper
and they just sat there
looking up at me

I took the corners
of that paper and
shook those words

they started to form
and verses
those words congealed
into what you are reading
right now

from my mouth to
your mind
it has to start

— GB