ex-lovers passing

I thought you were gone
So I attempted to tell our story
I found myself inept with such
A tale, so bear with me

We met while at school
But neither of us was cool
Enough to think we could
Make it work

Two years went by and we
Were at the same party
I went out for a smoke
And you followed just
To tell me it was gross

We stayed in bed for two
Weeks, ignoring all of our
Obligations, putting each
Other first, shame we
Couldn’t keep that feeling
For the rest of our lives

After a long hiatus we found
Each other again and we
Tried like hell to get it back
There was a spark at first
Which I’ll blame on that
Little pink butterfly, woah

But it didn’t last long and
we resigned ourselves
To it just being a fact of life

Now we pass each other
On campus or at a local
Bar and the best we can
Muster is a wave or a
Short “Hi”

Two ex-lovers passing

— GB

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