let go

how come you’re in my head
after all this time you should
be long gone

I wish the ECT had erased you
and I could turn around
without you
all over my senses

I can’t just take a break
from you with your fist
wrapped around my brain

you are a constant that
can not be washed away

we chose to be together
(maybe one before the other)
now I am trying to un-choose
you but you keep….
being there

if you can find it in yourself
to untether from your end
I’ll be able to let go
of you

— GB

One thought on “let go

  1. Yes, I’ve had someone else’s fist wrapped around my brain, the bastard. I don’t consider myself a violent woman but I think I’d happily, well, do him some serious damage. (I’m kidding myself. I couldn’t. I’d have to ask someone to do it for me!)

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