Finding a Handle

The sky was red and the grass was blue
The trees were growing in the middle of the streets
The birds were flying upside down
The whole scene was a surrealist dream

All I could do was eat the cheese and drink
The free bottles of wine then remember not
To drive myself or anyone home from the
Train station

I am alone with the burgundy sea as a backdrop
Smiling through the sand blowing in my face
I am missing you and your raspberry kisses
I am missing your sparkling laugh breezing
Through the rice paper walls of my mind

Let’s find each other soaring on the jet stream
Performing intricate movements as complicated
Gifts to one another revealing urges that
Need to be satisfied before they go dormant

The bubble that is my world has been
Filled with smoke and water
When it bursts everything ceases to exist
The smoke floats up to the sky
Becoming amber clouds
The water runs through my fingers
Escaping my grasp and turning to tears
On my vacant face

— GB

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