Exciting Evening

It’s been a really exciting time around these parts this evening to include spicy sausages and mac and cheese for dinner, a nosebleed that lasted three hours and the shortest Emergency Room visit I’ve ever had.  I guess the exciting part was the trip to the ER for the bloody nose.  It really wasn’t all that exciting but it was very helpful.  It’s funny how quickly you’re seen when you go in with something bleeding.  It was just over an hour from the time I walked through the door to the time I was back out.  Not a lot happened during my visit except for 5 minutes of nasal irrigation, some drying time and then the doctor packed my left nostril with about 300 yards of gauze and a Vaseline type medication.  Well, it probably wasn’t 300 yards but it sure felt like that.  I waited around for about 30 minutes after that, signed a couple of papers then went home.  Here’s the fun part.  I get to keep the stuff packed into nostril for three days, until I go see my Ear, Nose and Throat doc.

So, that’s what I’ve been doing.  How much fun is everyone else having this fine, fine weekend?

2 thoughts on “Exciting Evening

  1. I find your tone in this hilariously sarcastic lol. Not laughing at your nose bleed. I promise! Anyway, sorry about the nose bleed. That’s scary! I’m sure your ENT will fix you right up. But 3 days with gauze up your nose doesn’t sound very pleasant. I’ve just been trying to learn that song Chocolate on the guitar all evening. Nothing near as fun as your evening. Hope you feel better and hope your night is better than this evening. 🙂

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