desert sky

do you remember we were staying in that sketchy motel
on the outskirts of Vegas because we couldn’t afford
a casino room, gas money and getting married

nothing can match the way you looked at the stars
in the middle of the desert, the awe on your face as your
smile spread from ear to ear, then the questions you asked
that I had no hope of answering because I know nothing
about the desert sky and was too busy staring at you

I don’t know exactly what happened that night, we decided
that getting hitched was not the best idea and after holding
hands under the heavens for a few more hours we checked
out of that dive and got on the road for home

we didn’t last long after that, saw less of each other and then
not at all, there was no resentment, no awkwardness,
no pointing fingers, no blame, it felt like the most natural thing
that could have happened, the only thing I have missed is
looking up at the sky, the stars will never be the same after you

— GB

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