I Love You/Thank You

to hear the words come
out of your mouth
was the best thing
that I could ever experience

nouns and verbs flowed
over me like the softest
of streams, holding me,
encouraging me,
loving me with every syllable

what an amazing gift
you gave me
soothing me in your greatest
hour of need
when it should have been
me reassuring you

I Love You
Thank You

— GB

World Bipolar Day, March 30, 2014

Glad there is a day for it. Shame there has to be a day for it.


Well, we finally got a day of our very own: Sunday, March 30th, is the inaugural observation of World Bipolar Day, sponsored by the International Bipolar Foundation. The date was chosen because it’s the birthday of artist Vincent Van Gogh, who is said to have suffered from manic depression (although how they can diagnose it posthumously is beyond my understanding). It’s a day to raise awareness and—hopefully—begin to erase the stigma that surrounds bipolar disorder, and indeed ALL mental illnesses.

I hope my readers will join with me in commemorating this first-ever World Bipolar Day and maybe even start a dialogue with others who may not know a lot about this much-misunderstood illness. And while you’re at it, why not hug a bipolar you know and love? 🙂


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as honestly as I can

I hope I can always live up to this:

I went for the longest time
not wanting anyone to know
no friends
no family
no… no one
I was embarrassed
I was paranoid
I was as far inside myself
as I could get

then one day
I was done being awkward
I was done being ashamed
I was done trying to be
something other than
who I am

now I am out there and
while I still feel some
at least I am living
as honestly as I can

— GB

Get You

What do I need to do
To fill that hole you have
Wherever I am concerned?

Was I supposed to be
Something for you?
Did I take
Something from you?

How did you end up
With this gaping chasm
That I have no idea
How to fill?

Was it there before?
Was is something I did?
I will need to give all I have
To close it up for you

And then I don’t even
Get you!

— GB

The Rainbow of Our Dysfunction

The winds of this rainbow
Surround me with varied
Colors falling to the ground

I didn’t want this to break
Like that
Nothing beautiful should be
Sacrificed to the hands of
Our dysfunction

Rainbows can be rebuilt
You just need the right
Amounts of water and light

What we had will not be
As easy
I don’t know what amounts
Of anything will be able
To set us right

— GB

The Light From Your Eyes

I don’t want to ever forget
Your face in my hands as
You look up into my eyes
Right before I kiss you
I ache at the touch
Of your lips
They are so sweet but
I just want to pull away
So I can look into your
Radiant eyes and watch
Your tongue dart out in
Preparation for another
Somehow that memory
Is always with me
Like it happened mere
Seconds ago
Though it was lifetimes
I can still feel the light
From your eyes

— GB