a means to a beginning

where is the end of this?
is it in this pink pill?
how about this little yellow one?
it could be at the end of this session,
or maybe the next one…


these are simply
a means to a beginning
getting to a place
where the real work starts
where the real work never ends

— GB

5 thoughts on “a means to a beginning

  1. I like this a lot as well gavin. i think we all have these thoughts cross our minds – the power within the pills we take, what they are doing inside us. how something so little is controlling my behavior, my feelings of worth and the difference between life and death. i also always wonder about color, type (pill with little thingies in it vs. solid) size and taste….but i’m odd that way. anyway, point is, i like your poem and it resonated. thanks for writing it.

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