BlueScreen of mini-death

After a bunch of starting and stopping, I am back from a harrowing 48 hours.  It was a long slow death, popping BlueScreen after BlueScreen after BlueScreen.  I spent hours reading Event Logs, trying driver updates and rollbacks one after the other.  Every time I thought I had the problem solved, WHAM!!  BlueScreen in my face.  The biggest problem seemed to be network card.  Each reboot after a BlueScreen came with a malfunctioning network card so I would have to reload the driver and reboot.  I had uninstalled virtually every piece of software to rule out causes and at one point early this afternoon the laptop stayed up without throwing an error for almost an hour.  That gave me enough time to back up all my files and databases etc.  Someone, somewhere, must be watching because right after I got the last file the thing BlueScreened for the final time.  As soon as it rebooted I restored it to factory defaults.  I’ve spent the last 6 hours loading software and configuring programs and restoring files.  As far as I can tell knock-knock-knock on wood, things are functioning well, but there is a long way to go to get it back where I want it.

I long for something in my life that is not complicated.

3 thoughts on “BlueScreen of mini-death

  1. Well, I’ve had the thing for 18 months and it’s been a slow progression to where it was when it started acting crazy. The most important part of the reconfigure was to get the blogging tools back up and running. It appears as though that has gone well. We’ll just have to see how everything else comes around.

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