Then Dream

I ran away
I fell
I kicked and clawed
I pushed as hard as I could

No one believes what I saw
No one believes what I did
No one will let me tell my story
So I tell it to you

My mind opened and all these
Little sentient, intelligent, creatures
Came pouring out and scurried away
Leaving me numb, able only to watch
Them disappear into the murky night

I laid down on the rocky ground
Trying to dream of all the safe places
I have been, maybe I could go to one
Maybe I could find you and you
Could make me feel safe as I fall asleep

Unaided, I slept fitfully until dawn
Waking with dew stuck to my hair and eyes
All these tiny silver slithery things
Trying to get back into my head
I rolled over and in they went

What followed is one of the most glorious
Days I have ever spent
There was knowledge, there was power
There was dancing and sex and wine
There were amazing meals with the
Sweetest deserts to follow
I swam in warm oceans, dove in cold lakes,
Swathed myself in the finest linens
I experienced more than any man could
In one hundred days, weary and comfortable
I lay down on fine silken bed and
Was quickly asleep

I awoke on that same rocky ground, knowing
I never had the adventures, that I was still
Alone and numb, waiting for those little
Creatures to return, realizing that if I wanted
To experience another day like that
All I had to do was let the demons come out
Then dream

— GB

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