deepest and darkest

when I tell you my deepest
darkest truth, I want for only
one thing, not to have told
you, pull it back, untell it

it is not about you, I trust
you, but that truth was mine,
now it’s not, now there is
more of me out there and
less of me in here

as much as I know that
I trust you and that you
accept me for who and what
I am, I am not the only one
that knows any more,
you know too

CODA: I know too, that in the end, I am made, somehow, better having told someone, and if I tell more people I will find a generous community of support, and that it also possible that the things I tell will help someone else who is hurting.  It’s complicated to know what to do and how much to share and the only thing I can advise is, share what you feel comfortable with.

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