Is this a hospital?

Is this a hospital?
I shout to someone passing by
One arm in restraints,
No, so is this one but it has tubes running into it
I have never seen tubes that big
Hey! is this a hospital?
They don’t even look at me
Am I making any sound?
My ankles are stuck down too
Here comes someone
Am I in a hospital?
She nods but I can’t understand what she’s saying
I feel OK, can you let me go home?
She shakes her head, then she leaves
I feel sleepy, what did she do?
My eyes can’t stay, I need to…..

It’s bright, too light, I can’t see
Wait, is that my mom?
What is she, no, she can’t be, dad?
What is going on?
“You’re in the hospital” she says
“That’s what we’re trying to find out” he says
When can I go home?

— GB

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