I won’t let go

an unending walk towards a sun that never sets
trying to get to you through the constant glare
when I reach out to you, you are not there
I journey on, determined to find you
knowing where you are does
not solve the riddle
your there is not there anymore

I cower and quake in the eyes of the sun
where did you take her and how do I
get there?  Do not harm her I will
pay with all my worldly riches
that hold no wealth in your realm….

an argument that is as futile
as my search is
rake my nails across my face
my blood marks my presence
at least I will know I have been here before

I return to my sliver of sun
reach into the eye, reach and reach some more
about to lose my balance my fingers brush… yours
grasp, grip, struggle for purchase, hold, hold, hold
gasp for relief
Slowly and steadily I pull you to me
There’s a hug and another and then the final
I won’t let go as long as you hold on

— GB

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