a night in the desert (actually Des Moines, IA)

so we’re barreling down this road and we pass a cop, we must not have been making the wrong sounds because he doesn’t start to follow, then you shout something obscene out the window, instantly there are lights in the mirror, that’s just swell, it’s 3 something in the morning, we are completely messed up and you’re shouting at a cop….oh yeah and we’re going something like four hundred miles an hour, don’t worry he’ll never catch us….

the next thing I know, there’s that cop, standing at my window asking for my credentials, I ask him how he caught up to us and how he’s even standing there because I’m going like seven thousand miles per hour, then he gets to being not very nice and pulls me out of the car through the window, he starts to walk me over to his car and you are sitting in your window throwing bologna at us like they were Frisbees, the cop threatens you with arrest too and you quite nicely switch to cursing him out but in a language neither of us understand (I could tell by the intention and inflection)

we get to his car and puts me in the back and asks me questions like what’s my name, where do I live, where was I going tonight and I answer every one of his inquiries except the one about our destination, for some reason, I didn’t think “The Moon” was a proper response, I must not be as messed up as I thought I was, so I get brave and ask him why he pulled us over and he says it’s because we were doing twenty in a fifty-five and you were hanging out the window with your boobs sticking out

he tells me that if I can get you to put your shirt back on and stop cussing that he’ll take us home, let us off with warnings and we can walk back to get the car tomorrow, the house is only a half mile away

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