Hallucination Report

Despite the bad weather today (hahahahahahaha) I was able to see my psych-doc.  We talked about the hallucinations I had been having and he said that I had not been having hallucinations but what he called “Visual Illusions.”  The difference, according to him, is that in an Illusion, I may perceive something but when I focus on it, it goes away or becomes what I mistook it for (a coat rack mistook for a person becomes a coat rack again), where a hallucination would still be there when I focused on it (the bug on my arm would continue to be a bug.)  Another way to look at this is to say that the Illusion is a mis-perception, like the coat rack being perceived as a person, where the hallucination is a false perception, like a cat with wings, flying about the room.  Also the illusion is always generated from an external stimulus and the hallucination is caused by an internal stimulus.

After a lot of discussion about this, we agreed that lowering my dose of Amitriptyline and raising my dose of Nortriptyline should solve the problem I am having with the Illusions.  Hopefully it won’t cause any problems with my sleep.  We’ll see.

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