5 thoughts on “the wolf

      • Ah – the wonders of art. I once gave a speech I’d written myself and someone came up afterwards and positively gushed. I was quite touched, until she told me *why* she was gushing – and it had absolutely nothing at all to do with what I’d spoken about. She’d taken her own preoccupations and projected them onto the sound of my voice!!! It was a great lesson for me: we create a piece of art. and it flies free; it may land where it will, and others will interpret it as they will.
        So I enjoyed your haiku, even if I “misinterpreted” it!

      • I often wonder what others a seeing as they read something I wrote. Sometimes I’m very thankful they didn’t see as I saw πŸ™‚ Of course, everyone is entitled to their own interpretation, I don’t think you’ll find me arguing with anyone if they didn’t agree with my vision.

        (NO! NO! Bree, the Wolf isn’t even a wolf he’s the manifestation of your……. BLECH please promise you’ll figure out some way to have me offed if I ever do that.)

      • Ha ha, OK, we have a deal πŸ™‚
        It is hard, though, to let our babies grow up and become independent. Again, I gave a performance once, a feminist interpretation of a certain text, and woman came up afterwards and said she didn’t get why it was feminist. She was a very annoying woman and I wanted to clock her! Setting our art free in theory is easy but in practice is hard.
        Be well.

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