I am so sorry

you walked down the steps, dressed
in such a way, I could only speak in
vowels, in seconds you were in my arms,
thus begins my life of loving you

I broke down walls as
you were crawling out windows
you were mine in my head
we were hopes on crumpled paper
thrown out on my floor

we were perfect in my pocket of life
swaddled in lint and keys where you
unlocked my heart and I was yours

and a day later we were done from
then until the end of time
I know because I asked you every day
and you almost always answered no

on those almost days you really
rocked my world
and gave me the courage to ask again?
again? again?

that is what it was and will forever be about
to ask, to hear, to want, to never walk away

I loved you for that and for everything else
If you don’t or never have
I am so sorry

— GB

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