Sliver of Gold or Dead End

Sometimes when I’m writing, and I know I’ve probably said this before but it’s an ongoing thing with me so I’m going to bitch about it again….  Sometimes when I’m writing I have a few lines that I think are perfect but it stops right there, well the perfect lines stop but I don’t.  I keep going, I keep writing hoping for that moment to strike.  What I am left with is a hunk of crap with a sliver of gold sitting in it.  So, I choose not to publish it and I move it over into the “Dead Ends” folder.  I go back to that folder once in a while and see if there is something I can resurrect.  It rarely happens and so I move on to something new.

What do you do with your cast-offs?
Do they ever get a second life, or are they relegated to the Dead End bin forever?

2 thoughts on “Sliver of Gold or Dead End

  1. It depends. I usually write something because I’ve started with something like a “perfect note” in mind, a particular idea or mood or incident I want to write about. If the first few lines go well and I get stuck, I go back to that “perfect note”, the thing which got me writing in the first place. How long does this piece need to be, I ask myself, in order to communicate that “perfect note”? Sometimes not as long as I think it does. You’ve probably noticed I generally write mid-length posts. This is an act of discipline on my part. It doesn’t matter if you give me a word count limit of 15k, I can still easily exceed it! So my post writing is all about honing back to the key idea, the “perfect note” I have in mind.
    Stay well 🙂

  2. Yes! Where I get hung up is after I have “penned” the “perfect note.” In the same piece, I try to come up with a second one and then a third and I just keep on trying. I get greedy and then I get disappointed when I don’t match up to my initial expectations. What starts out with a flourish ends up in the “Dead End” folder and I have to start again. I guess that’s just the way it works with me, sometimes I have more published pieces and sometimes I have more “Dead End” ones.

    Bree, thanks for listening and thanks for writing. I really appreciate it.

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