I just spent the last five minutes looking out the window, over my shoulder, trying to figure out whether or not there is a man standing on the lawn.  It really makes no difference if he is there, other than there isn’t supposed to be someone there.  I couldn’t turn around and look straight on because he would disappear.  Then, I would KNOW that I was hallucinating.

Shit….. it’s just a bush.

7 thoughts on “Hallucinating

  1. i’m sorry you’re hallucinating. that’s scary. i don’t know if i hallucinate. sometimes i see things out of the corner of my eyes that i think looks like something like a bug, or a person running by, but i’ve never really thought i was hallucinating. maybe i am. when i was a kid i had a really bad experience with hallucinating, but it only happened once. i get scared sometimes that it will happen again.

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