door 521

one flight up and through
door 521 is the first real
home where I lived
alone, my life solitary,
not lonely, full of life,
full of music and light.

a place, where I learned
things, about life, about
love, about death and
mortality, about the
nature of being human,
about human nature,
I learned about how
to be a friend, and how
to deal with betrayal,

I learned about music,
about sex, I learned
to appreciate the sound
of freedom, even in
the middle of a migraine

I learned how to write,
how to get deep down
inside and express the
deepest and the darkest

I learned how to escape
into myself, I learned what
depression really is

But most of all, wrapping
all these things and more
together I learned
what it is to be me

— GB

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