A Storm In the Trees and In My Mind

It’s after midnight, it’s cold outside and I can hear thunder in the distance, hell, I just saw some lightning too.  It’s early morning on the 18th of January and we’re having a thunderstorm. Just another sign that things aren’t normal.  Then, what constitutes normal?  Normal is me publishing at least one post per day.  That didn’t happen on the 17th of January.  It’s not from the lack of trying, I can tell you that.  My journal has eight entries that were started but were not finished, they aren’t finished until they get marked “Published.”  I’m not sure just what the trouble is, but I haven’t been entirely satisfied with what I have been writing.  I find myself starting something and erasing it, then starting it again.  I have a lot of half finished things that are not meeting the standard I like to think I have set.  Recently, I have been noticing that the right words aren’t coming when and where I need them.  I don’t know if there is some kind of disturbance in my creative rhythm or if there a block holding back my creative juices. (see, that last sentence, while it may be a bit cliche shows me that the creative center of my brain is functioning) So, maybe I’ll go finish that book I’ve been reading, or, I’ll watch some crappy late night TV.  I guess I need to do something to keep my mind off writing for a while.  Maybe things will seem more clear in the light of day.

Also, I’m interested in you other bloggers’ writing/publishing process, at least the “physical” aspect of it.  I think I have finally settled on my own and I’d like to hear what the rest of you do.  So keep that in mind.

3 thoughts on “A Storm In the Trees and In My Mind

  1. Roger wilco, Gavin! 🙂 Well, for me, I post when I feel like it, about whatever’s on the top of my mind at that time. Because I keep my laptop in the livingroom, I generally write when the space is empty – but that’s cool, because the dearly beloved has a man cave he retreats to. I’m perfectly happy to go a day without posting, if I don’t feel I have anything really worth saying, or anything I need to “work through” by writing about. In fact, I’d often like to post more frequently – but tend to stick to the most pressing issue of the moment.
    Also I don’t draft outside of WordPress, except in my head.
    Is that what you meant by our writing/publishing processes?

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