Striaght & Circular

Every time I feel like I’m headed in the right direction… well I have this question about that feeling.  Is the right direction necessarily in a straight line?  If it is, I’m in trouble.  My right direction is decidedly not in in that straight line, or any other for that matter.  I think it is safe to say, my direction is in arcs and circles.  Sometimes they’re subtle arcs that feel as though they are moving in that dreaded straight line.  Most of the time direction I take is circular.  I seem to run across the same spots over and over.  My day is circular, my week is the same, my life travels the same path, again and again.  Here’s where I get creative, because I’m arguing for myself and because what I’ve said previously about going in circles sounds woefully insane (thank you Mr.  Einstein).  The way I figure it, my life is in fact circular (wait a second and let me finish).  It is circular, but not completely.  It goes around and around in a circular fashion that also travels in a straight line.  What I have, then, is a nice spiral that moves forward as it moves around.  I spend my time spiraling up and/or spiraling down.  Unfortunately, it is rarely as organized as I am making it sound.

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