Living Bipolar

A reblog of a repost. For people with Bipolar and those that don’t have it. Also of import to those living with and loving those of us with Bipolar.

Bipolar Borderline

Being Bipolar


Someone asked me if it is really that bad when you crash. Yes, it is. You might have just started a new job; you might be in one for years. You might have started a new project; you might be looking forward to something good. Then. You crash. What does it feel like? Like nothing, but a nothing that hurts so deep that you just want to sleep. Why does it hurt? Because it’s not just the blues, its not something that will be ok if you just have something to eat. No, enticing me with a DVD, or that pancake that I love so much won’t make a difference. Questions that are asked when you crash to which I don’t have the answers. What happened? How should I know? Somewhere in my brain something did not do it’s job. Are you ok? No, apparently it…

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