Getting Strong

“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.” ~Mahatma Ghandi

A subject I have beaten to death for a while now.  Forgiveness is not something I have completely gotten my mind around yet.  I completely understand the concept and I can see the path I must follow.  For some reason i just can’t get my feet headed in the right direction.  Maybe the missing piece in my predicament is convincing myself that I am strong enough to get myself to where I need to be.  Apparently, I have been going about it all wrong.  I feel like I’ve been taking the minority, victim role.  I need to figure out how to get out of the viscous cycle I keep finding myself in.  How do I stop feeling weak and vulnerable?  How do I make myself act and believe that I am not a victim, that I am, in fact, strong?  Of everything I have been through, this is right up near the top of challenges I have had to face.  I’m not sure how I’m going to do it but I’m going to do it.  Wish me luck…..if you’re reading this, you’re a part of it.

2 thoughts on “Getting Strong

  1. I struggle with forgiveness too. I don’t think I actually understand the idea. It’s confusing to me. It seems like people say, “to forgive you need to let it go.” well how do you do that? “let it go” i don’t understand. i’m sure i need to do some reading on forgiveness.

  2. Forgiveness is a choice that we all have the right to give (or receive) – or not. So many things that we are “supposed to” do or feel do not come naturally or easily. Love, forgiveness, happiness, etc. Forgiving someone, or forgiving ourselves, is not a magic potion that will erase the memory and sometimes that forgiveness you’ve offered or received will feel forced and fake – and it might be – but eventually it will ease and settle in. Fake it til you make it. XO

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