Profound or Mundane

Every morning I get up and I start to go about my day with the full intention of doing something impressive, something more than what I do on a regular daily basis.  I continually look for the profound in the mundane.  There has to be something special in all of the items I’ve published on this blog.  I think that is why I publish so much (536 posts in 2 and a half months), I’m looking for something to break through.  I’m trying to write something that will get some attention from the majority of the people following me and from people that are finding me for the first time.  Am I looking for success too soon?  Have I already attained success that I just can’t see?  I’m afraid there’s no right answer here.  I think maybe I’m going about this the wrong way.  I’m not really sure what the right way is for me but it has to be something other than this.  I have written a few things today that I will publish.  Outside of those items, I don’t think I’ll be publishing much over the next week.  I’m going to visit some family for the holidays.  I hope everyone has a safe and happy holidays.

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