Your Latest Trick

My dad’s as big a fan of music as I am.  We don’t like all the same things but there is a good size overlap in our music libraries.  I haven’t gotten him very heavily into Metallica yet but at least he doesn’t try to get out of the car when I play some.  Tonight, we I got home from my weekly NAMI support group he was playing Dire Straits.  In fact, he’s still playing Dire Straits.  “Your Latest Trick” was coming from “The Loft” (computer and photography/art area that is open to the living room downstairs).  I’ve heard that song hundreds, if not more, of times and I’m still not completely sure what it’s about.  My favorite part is the intro with a trumpet giving way to a saxophone and the chorus that should pull everything together but still hasn’t for me (if someone would like to explain the song I’m more than willing to listen to your explanation, or if Mark Knopfler is out there somewhere reading this, please drop me a line and explain yourelf 🙂 )

“I don’t know how it happened
It all took place so quick
But all I can do is hand it to you
And your latest trick”

from “Your Latest Trick”
by Dire Straits

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