Blindsided By Bipolar

Things are going well, with the exception of a pretty wicked sinus infection that makes my head feel like it’s ready to give birth to another head.  I’m writing a lot and I’m posting a lot.  I am a little concerned that Bipolar Disorder isn’t playing as big a part in what I’m writing now, as opposed to the way it was a for the past couple of months when it seemed like I couldn’t shut up about it.  I’m concerned that I might be getting too complacent about it.  Knowing me, I am prone to ignoring things if they are going well.  As all of us in the Bipolar/Mental Health community know, getting and staying healthy/level is hard work and requires vigilance to keep going.  And even then, you can get blindsided.  As for me, I believe I am doing the things I need to do on a regular basis, one of which is writing every day.  I guess I just needed to talk about it a little so I don’t find myself blindsided.  I hope everyone out there is having a nice peaceful morning/evening/night.

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